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McBreach Probabilistic Dam Breach Modeling – Free Webinar

ICEWaRM will be hosting this free webinar where I’ll be discussing the software program McBreach and its application to probabilistic dam breach modeling.  Come join in!  Please note the the webinar start time for your particular time zone.  Starts at 10:30 AM local Sydney Australia time on Wednesday, Nov 6th.  That is 3:30 PM on Tuesday, Nov […]

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Free Webinar on Dam Breach Modeling

Webinar: Dam Breach Modelling Colleagues- I’m honored to join Krey Price and Bill Syme in presenting a brief webinar on dam breach modeling hosted by ICEWaRM and the Australian Water School.  Half hour presentation followed by discussion and a Q&A session.  Please join if you can. A vigorous discussion with a group of highly […]

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