Kleinschmidt Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 14 March 2022

Prior to registering on Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat Portal, we request every user to kindly go through each provision of our “TERMS OF USE” (or “USAGE POLICY” or “TERMS OF CONDITIONS”). Please note that all the clauses noted herein are equally binding on all parties. All disputes related to the following terms are subject to resolution by individual arbitration. In case you do not agree with any of these terms, we would recommend you to stop using our services immediately.

  • From hereon, terms like “We”, “Us”, “Our” and the like would refer to Kleinschmidt Group. On the other hand, terms like “You”, “Your”, “Client” and the like would indicate users looking to use Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat app.
  • Kindly note that Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat Portal is presented by Teksmobile –a specialized app and software development company (Australia, India, Sweden, South Korea, USA). This“product” is a customizable and flexible digital app-building platform –meant for the creation of fully branded and feature-rich event applications.
  • While we try to monitor all types of user-content (images, videos, text messages, graphics, animations, etc.) shared on our portal –it might be beyond the realms of possibility to keep track of every such element. As such, we would like to request all users to kindly share content responsibly. Kleinschmidt cannot be, in any way, held responsible for offensive content shared by others.
  • All images, videos, text content, colors, designs, and other visual elements used on our website are the property of Kleinschmidt Associates. Any attempt towards unauthorized
    reproduction, reselling, manipulation, representation, or misuse will be treated as a violation of intellectual property rights and will be punishable in a court of law.
  • The information that you share with us on this portal is saved in our secure database, and governed by our Privacy Policy. When you start to use Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat Portal, it is automatically assumed that you have gone through our Privacy Policy statements.
  • We expect you to abide by the generally accepted “Acceptable Usage Standards”. Violations would include activities like: i) sharing any content that may be inappropriate, ii) or engaging in abusive online behavior. Violation of “Acceptable Usage Standards” will lead to the instant deletion of your Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat account and further handling by Human Resources.
  • The Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat app is intended for users over 13 years of age.
  • All the content that you include in your app remains YOUR PROPERTY at all times. You reserve the right to add/edit/remove in-app information as you deem suitable.
  • It is your sole responsibility to protect your password and/or other personal registration information. If you feel your KA Retreat App account has been compromised in any way, please contact our team at info@kleinschmidtgroup.com immediately.
  • You can download this app for the iOS and Android platforms. Even so, we do not provide any assurance that your app will be properly functional on ALL types of mobile devices/smart devices.
  • We are vigilant about the nature, quality and performance of the services delivered by the Kleinschmidt Retreat App. However, glitches happen –and we would like to mention that all information, products, services and software associated with Kleinschmidt are provided on an “as-is” basis. We cannot be held responsible in any way for damages/losses to users following their use of our digital platform.
  • The event app portal may be unavailable at certain times for system maintenance. You will be informed of such mandatory maintenance hours from beforehand.
  • We might change or add to our Terms of Use without any prior notice. Our team also releases updates for the Kleinschmidt Corporate Retreat tool at regular intervals. Such updates are directed towards further refinement of our services.

We hope, and will make every effort to ensure, that you enjoy using the KA Retreat App!