Pocket Guide for Navigating the Development of a Pumped Storage Hydropower Project

Navigating the Development of a Pumped Storage Hydropower Project

The interest in developing new pumped storage hydropower (PSH) is accelerating, as is the push to modernize and upgrade existing facilities. As new variable output, renewable energy facilities such as wind and solar are added to the electrical grid, there is a growing need for a proven, economically viable, and carbon-free technology such as PSH that can store excess energy as well as quickly start-up to meet peak demands. Over 50 GW of new PSH may be needed in North America for grid stability as more renewable energy sources come online.

Pumped storage involves many complex variables including:

  • Pricing strategies to make development economical
  • Multi-year regulatory process
  • Environmental impacts
  • Billion-dollar capital construction costs
  • Transmission interconnection

We’ve been supporting hydropower and pumped storage developers for decades and have one of the largest and most dedicated teams in the industry. We are here to help you navigate this journey!

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