We hope you appreciate the Kleinschmidt difference! Our employees choose to develop their careers at Kleinschmidt, and they stay at Kleinschmidt, and they do so because they enjoy the culture that is driven by our founder’s beliefs:

“Do good work and make a living at it. Enjoy what you are doing. And the rest will take care of itself.”
- R. Stevens Kleinschmidt


We asked our team a simple question – Why do you work at Kleinschmidt? Here are a few of their responses.


"Kleinschmidt gives its employees the opportunity, resources, and flexibility to truly excel in their career. I first recognized this in my interview, and it has held true every day since then." Keith Martin


“I like that our work includes a combination of renewable energy and ecosystem restoration. I am proud that I get to work with a diverse team to discover practical solutions that are improving our environment.” Nicholas Morgan

“I appreciate the diverse areas of expertise of Kleinschmidt employees. If I ever have a question about anything, there is always someone who can help answer it.” Rebecca Allen
“I appreciate the approachability of senior management and their understanding of the hydropower industry. This understanding allows for productive conversations and creative approaches with input from every corner of the firm.” Kim Hansen


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