Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Aquatic ecosystems, including fish, fish habitat, and water is a valuable environmental resource. Aquatic biota need to be recognized for their social and economic values and also as a barometer on the state of our environment. Declining aquatic ecosystem health results in lost opportunities for society to derive benefits from the fisheries resource and our team is proud to be involved in the process of protecting and enhancing fisheries and aquatic life throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our team is composed of professionals that understand the biology, ecology, and economics of fisheries, aquatic ecology and aquatic resources, and how energy and other infrastructure projects may affect them. We perform and manage studies and analyses, and work with and/or for agencies, conservationists, and developers to mitigate or enhance diverse impacts on freshwater and estuarine and marine fisheries resources. Our expertise includes warmwater, coldwater, anadromous and catadromous fish resources and endangered species, in riverine, lacustrine, and tidal environments.

Our clientele includes industry, private landowners, state and federal agencies, tribes, Non Governmental Organizations, and conservation groups. As most aquatic scientific issues involve public resources, Kleinschmidt frequently collaborates with all such organizations and the public to achieve many of these goals. Our team combines expertise in fisheries biology, habitat restoration, population dynamics and management, fish passage, invasive species management, wetlands, water development and management, coastal issues, instream flow and other disciplines to provide sound scientific evidence for fish and aquatic restoration and conservation. Our scientists frequently work on interdisciplinary teams of engineers, permitters, other scientists and regulators to use scientific data to solve aquatic resource issues.


Ecological Projects