Tidal and Stream Energy

Tidal and In Stream Energy

Tidal energy is also one of the oldest forms of energy dating back to 787 A.D. and is a very predictable, very location specific energy source. The complications of developing tidal energy are significant and vary depending upon whether an in-stream or barrage approach is taken. The in-stream rotor seems to be the  commonly accepted approach and there are a number of devices in development at present, with a few at the commercial deployment stage.

Kleinschmidt worked with Verdant Power to obtain the very first Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) commercial pilot license for a tidal power project in early 2012 for the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) project in New York. Kleinschmidt is also actively working with other developers in the U.S. and abroad.

Our team has over three decades of experience with the FERC licensing process through our hydroelectric experience.  Kleinschmidt also has a staff of engineers, scientists and biologist with expertise to address many of the technical and environmental challenges of a tidal energy project. Our experience in conventional, low head and run of river hydro can be directly applied to many of the challenges faced with in-stream or tidal projects, such as electrical and grid integration aspects, environmental study scoping, civil & mechanical engineering review, and project management. 

Ocean Currents

Although currently one of the lesser developed technologies and resources, ocean currents have a significant potential for energy generation around the world. Of course, the technical challenges in developing devices are significant and in the US, the permitting challenges in dealing with BOEM and FERC concurrently are also imposing.

Kleinschmidt has worked on ocean current devices previously, and is happy to work with technology developers to address and develop solutions to challenges and hurdles throughout the project, from concept development to permitting of prototypes.

For more information on particular aspects of our expertise and capability, along with examples of work we have completed, please select one of the following:

•  Marine Regulatory (BOEM, FERC)
•  Environmental Study Design and Management
•  Engineering Design and Support (Inc. Electrical  Systems & Interconnections)
•  Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies
•  Siting, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling



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