Kleinschmidt and Partners Release Annual “Ear to the River” Hydropower Industry Survey Results

Strasburg, PA– March 12, 2024 – The National Hydropower Association (NHA), the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA), the Hydropower Foundation, and Kleinschmidt Associates are excited to announce the third annual “Ear to the River” survey findings. Launched in 2021, the intent of the “Ear to the River” annual survey of the industry is to help owners of hydroelectric facilities and all professionals working in the hydro and greater renewable energy industries better understand the key issues and opportunities that the industry expects to face in the next few years. 

This information is intended to help inform those within and outside the industry about opportunities in this thriving clean energy sector. This survey data can also assist in lobbying efforts by providing data on how various policies could impact the role hydro plays in transitioning to a clean energy future. 

Marla Barnes, Vice President of Member and Industry Engagement at the National Hydropower Association emphasizes the survey’s significance: “The Ear to the River survey serves as a vital tool in understanding the pulse of the North American hydroelectric industry. It provides valuable insights into the key challenges and opportunities we face. The data from this survey informs industry stakeholders and plays a crucial role in advocating for policies that support a clean energy future.”  

Janelle Bates, Director of Communications and Member Relations at the OWA, noted, “ Each year, the annual Ear to River survey provides the OWA with valuable information and insights regarding the key opportunities and challenges facing the waterpower industry. The report will continue to both guide and support our advocacy efforts in the future.”  

“The 2023 survey results show that workforce remains the most pressing challenge for the industry and that we’re not doing enough to promote hydropower as an excellent career choice,” says Tim Oakes, Business Sector Leader, Power and Energy, with Kleinschmidt. 

As the team prepares for the 2024 edition, they are eager to hear thoughts, questions, and ideas from industry peers on increasing participation and engagement in future surveys. The “Ear to the River” survey team remains committed to collaborating with industry partners to ensure the survey remains a valuable resource for the hydropower community. 


The report is now available to view by visiting:


About Kleinschmidt 

Kleinschmidt Associates performs engineering, regulatory and environmental consulting for North American energy companies and governmental agencies who strive to protect and enhance the natural environment without compromising performance. We work at the intersection of regulatory requirements, environmental science, and engineering solutions to achieve our client’s objectives.  

For over half a century, Kleinschmidt has continually delivered new ideas that offer practical solutions to tough problems and sensitive issues. Our goal is to bring energy, water, and the environment into balance so future generations will thrive. For more information, visit www.kleinschmidtgroup.com. 


About the National Hydropower Association  

The National Hydropower Association (NHA) is a nonprofit national association dedicated exclusively to preserving and expanding clean, renewable, affordable hydropower and marine energy. NHA connects employees of its more than 300 member organizations with other hydropower professionals, build relationships, and facilitate business; informs and provides insights to member organizations and the entire hydropower community about timely policy and industry developments; and advocates to preserve and expand hydropower in all its forms. 


About the Ontario Waterpower Association
The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) is a not-for-profit, member-based organization promoting the sustainable development of waterpower resources in Ontario. Since 2001 the OWA has been representing the common and collective interests of the waterpower industry and advancing waterpower in Ontario. The Association is the voice for over 150 member companies and is committed to sustaining and enhancing Ontario’s existing waterpower assets and to providing new opportunities for waterpower development and industry growth across the province. 


About the Hydropower Foundation
The Hydropower Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing climate change by preparing the next generation of waterpower professionals, actively promotes education, research, and workforce development within the clean energy sector. The Foundation’s mission is to cultivate a robust, diverse, and environmentally conscious waterpower workforce through focused education, research, and experiential learning opportunities. For more information, please visit our website at www.hydrofoundation.org.