Kleinschmidt Awarded Engineering Support for Kelt Reconditioning Facility Construction at Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Project with Bonneville Power

Portland, Oregon – Kleinschmidt Associates, an engineering, regulatory, and environmental consulting firm, has been selected by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to provide engineering support during the construction of the Kelt Reconditioning Facility at Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery (NPTH) located in Idaho.

Kleinschmidt will provide BPA with comprehensive support to review and respond to complex documents. These documents include the review of shop drawings, rebar layout, power delivery plans, and the pipeline’s survey reports, and construction plans. Additionally, Kleinschmidt will support the initial and commissioning phase of construction with on-site observation and consultation.

“This project was conceived many years ago in a Master Plan proposal for the Snake River Basin Steelhead Kelt Reconditioning Facility,” said Andy Holmes, Senior Project Manager at Kleinschmidt. “Kleinschmidt is excited to be a part of this effort to help provide additional adult steelhead to spawning grounds and hopefully support their improvement.”

Kleinschmidt will work closely with Syblon Reid, who will construct the facility adjoining the NPTH on the Clearwater River in Juliaetta, Idaho. The project will begin in May 2024, with an estimated completion date of September 2025.

About Kleinschmidt 

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