Kleinschmidt Awarded the Indian Orchard Penstock No. 4 Replacement Project with Patriot Hydro, LLC

Falmouth, ME – Kleinschmidt Associates, an engineering, regulatory, and environmental consulting firm, has been selected by Patriot Hydro, LLC (Patriot) to provide engineering services for replacing Penstock No. 4 at the Indian Orchard Hydroelectric Project located in Hampden County, Massachusetts on the Chicopee River. The existing 16-foot-diameter buried steel penstock, which has reached the end of its service life, will be replaced with a new 12-foot-diameter buried steel penstock.

Kleinschmidt will coordinate a pre-design geotechnical investigation, survey, and 3D laser scan of the existing infrastructure as part of the project. These preliminary activities are crucial for supporting the design and construction of the replacement penstock. Kleinschmidt will also develop the necessary design drawings and specifications for the construction phase. 

“We are excited to embark on the Penstock No. 4 replacement project with Patriot Hydro”, said Eric Turgeon, Project Manager at Kleinschmidt Associates. “The new design will leverage cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring longevity and efficiency for the Indian Orchard Hydroelectric Project.” 

The project began in April 2024 and has an estimated completion date of Fall 2025. 

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