Our Work

R.L. Harris Project FERC Relicensing

First relicensing of Alabama Power’s youngest hydro project

Alabama Power Company (Alabama Power) required general professional services related to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing of the R.L. Harris Hydroelectric Project. Issues include evaluating a 1-4 foot change in the winter pool elevation to support recreation access to Lake Harris; modeling and evaluating alternative downstream releases. Each of these operational changes requires evaluating economic, environmental, and recreational affects.

Kleinschmidt is providing strategic services and project management, and information management, including a relicensing website, stakeholder database, and administrative record database. We also worked with Alabama Power to scope issues, develop study plans and conduct relicensing studies. We were responsible for developing a stakeholder process (Harris Action Teams) that incorporated stakeholder input to the process. Kleinschmidt conducted hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the Tallapoosa River and managed subcontractors responsible for various FERC-approved studies. We also provided facilitation services for stakeholder meetings.

Early consultation and front-end work engaged stakeholders and resulted in agreement on studies which were conducted in support of the license application. This early engagement reduced project costs by minimizing rework and streamlining stakeholder approvals in the later stages of the project. Moreover, the early implementation of studies provided for additional time in advance of the filing of the license application to consider appropriate protection, mitigation, and enhancement measures.